Training For Direct Selling Industry



We provide training programmes for companies involved in the Direct Selling business, catering to a wide range of needs. 

  1. Success Principles in Direct Selling - 1 hour
  2. Intro to Elite - 3 hours
  3. Principle Centred Coaching - 3 hours
  4. Live Elite - 2 days 
  5. Coach School Express - 3 days
  6. Advanced Coaching - 3 days

Programme #1 is complimentary and is suitable to introduce effective principles to new and potential members of your company. Even seasoned members will pick up a tip or two to implement. It's appropriate for your weekly or monthly meetings.

All other 5 programmes can be organised by companies or individual leaders for their members. These programmes are ideal as pre or post Annual Conferences and may be offered as incentives.

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